Saturday, July 14, 2012

More photos of Cebu City from our almost 8-year old daughter

Well, I've been meaning to post the second installation of photos our daughter took while out and about in Cebu last August, when she was not quite yet 8 years old, but didn't get around to it until now.   These are just some more shots showing her perspective and point-of-view from her eye-level.    Amusing and kind of interesting to see what captures a child's imagination, and qualifies within their mind as "photo-worthy".    And of course, this is complete with unflattering close-up pics of Daddy and Mommy.

I'm currently doing my own landscaping project at our house in the U.S., and I've always admired a lot of the landscaping I see in the yards of houses in the Philippines, and I guess our daughter found this noteworthy and different/unusual enough to take some photos of the nice landscaping she saw.

One photo in particular that I find amusing here is a photo she took of her own feet wearing some sandals we bought for her at Ayala Center Mall in Cebu, which was in a boutique store called "All Flip- Flops" that sells Havaianas flip-flop sandals and maybe Tribu, and a variety of other sandals.  The ones she picked out and really wanted had little plastic pizza slices, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, milk shakes, etc. attached to the rubber straps of the sandals, and were really cute.   When she brought these sandals back to the States, people here were quite amazed because you cannot find this kind of slippers in the States, and her sandals became quite the center of attention at her school. 

So, without any further ado, here is Part II, an addendum to the post I put up earlier about the photos our daughter snapped in Cebu as a young photographer. 
The famous "fast food" sandals from "All Flip-Flops" in Ayala Center mall, Cebu

Dental clinic in Cebu... Sundays by appointment!
Interesting tree and gates...

Mama (right) and Tita (behind laptop)

Richmond Plaza Hotel & Condo, Cebu (taken from car)

Cool looking fish pottery in center

Close-up of Mommy
Funky frog
Ceiling fan 
Carport gate in Cebu
another carport gate

Beauty shop in Cebu
"Ate" (Lola's helper) and one of her friends

Nice landscaping stones

Electrical wires up (what kind of fruits are these on the plant below?)

Guys on trike in Cebu

Hanging plants in Cebu

Home sweet home in Cebu

Nice landscaping in Cebu

Milk moustache

Red flowers

Sari-sari in Cebu

Unflattering close-up photo of Daddy



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