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Beautiful Boracay, Philippines - banana boats, jet skis, and parasailing

These are some photos of water sports we enjoyed during a family trip to Boracay in 2008.  I'll write a bit more about Boracay and the experiences we had there in a later post.  The jet skiing is self-explanatory, and was incredibly fun -  in my opinion the most fun and thrilling of all three water sports shown in the photos below, although I did not personally indulge in the parasailing and only watched from the back of the boat.  The icing on the cake was (were) the beautiful views we got of Boracay and the sea... a truly gorgeous place and an equally beautiful day.  All of these were very enjoyable, but unfortunately our daughter was too little to be able to ride on anything with the exception of the speed boat towing the parasailing parachute.

Gorgeous view of parasailing fleet, Boracay, Philippines

Water sports at Boracay
The jet skis were really nice and handled really well, especially when going full throttle - a good, exciting ride that really gives you some good bounce.  I rode with my wife behind me, then let her drive  with me as the backseat passenger (she was actually pretty good).  Finally, I went solo and really opened up and cut loose.  It was a blast, but I felt kind of bad because I forgot all about the time and the guys who managed the place had to send someone out on a jet ski to get me because I went a bit over with my allotted time.  I would have loved to have taken it out all day, and to have gone far beyond the boundaries they permitted me to take it.  Would be neat to rent one, but I doubt that is possible without a guide, because  one would have to have a really intimate knowledge of where all the coral reefs are in a particular place.

Pre-flight dockside check-out, Boracay, Philippines


Off we go!

My wife and I coming back to dock on jet ski, Boracay

My wife's turn to drive
My wife at the helm... aye-aye, captain!

The guy who had to remind me that my time was up!

Coming back in to the dock

The banana boat -- not a boat on which bananas are transported, but an inflatable banana-shaped raft towed by a speed boat -- was also fun and can accommodate a pretty decent-sized group of people, but was actually a bit more tame of a ride than I had expected... quite cushy and stable.  I had expected it to be more bouncy and that it would catch more "air" from the waves.   But it was fun, nonetheless, and everyone really enjoyed it... lots of laughs from all of our group.

"Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away..."

Banana boating in Boracay
Beautiful shoreline scenery of Boracay

Hoppin' and boppin' on the banana boat

Banana boat hitting the wake at Boracay

Finally, parasailing.  My wife and I have done some pretty bold and dangerous things, including white water rafting on a Class IV rapids on the river at Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao.   But since our daughter wanted to come on the boat with us (and since she hadn't had the chance to ride the other rides), we opted out and her two sisters who accompanied us have their chance at cheating death.  Just kidding - in all fairness it seemed safe and the operators appeared to be responsible.  But that parachute sure does get far, far up in the sky and far away from the boat!

My two sisters-in-law parasailing at Boracay
Don't cut the rope, Dong

Parasailing chute

Kicking up a good wake under the cumulus clouds

How's the weather up there?

Can barely see them any more


  1. very beautiful pictures! It would be more nice if the pictures a little bigger. hehe. Clear blue sky!

  2. @tabulyogang

    Hi tabulyogang!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment. I think your suggestion to make the pics a little bigger is great, and I will try to do so in the near future. Looking forward to reading your blog in more detail.

  3. So great! This is just funtastic photo post. I liked parasailing photos, that's really with a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Kira,

      Thanks for your comments, and I am glad you enjoyed the photo post! Although my wife and I didn't actually try the parasailing, it looks like something really fun. Would be nice if some of the resorts on Mindanao such as Dakak etc. begin having parasailing (maybe some do already???).

  4. Never done that parasailing thing...nor even been to Boracay...

  5. Hi JP,

    Haven't tried the parasailing thing yet either, maybe next time! Boracay is really nice, but you certainly don't lack nice beach resorts there in Cebu!

  6. As I looked at your picture,you really had a good time there, I'm sure you don't like to leave the place.I love all your photos,beautiful.I've been in Boracay and I love the place, the seafoods are really good.

    1. Hi Mhie,

      We really had a blast there, and you are right, we really didn't want to leave the place (as well as the Philippines in general). There are still some of parts of Boracay that we didn't get a chance to explore. I can see why you love Boracay, we sure do too. The beaches are amazing, and we took a boat to one beach on a side of the island that was beautiful but not touristy... vendors were there selling pretty red coral and mother-of-pearl necklaces and capiz crafts.

      You are correct about the seafoods there, they are great. I remember that we went to a "wet market" and selected what fresh seafoods we wanted, then they took it to a restaurant that cooked it up for us (very nicely). I love the really crispy bangus and different crab etc. There's also at least one small town there that is a bit farther away than all of the tourist places.

      Thanks for the kind comments about the photos; yours and your website are awesome!

  7. Ohhh i miss Boracay, I've been there 2 years ago... i like your picture with your family and i think next i will try Jet skiing

    1. Hi Bicolanang Lakwatsera,

      Thanks for stopping by! I miss Boracay, too! I really want to go back there one of the next times we're in Philippines. Unfortunately our daughter is not in any of the pictures on this post, because she was too young for these activities. I think you'll really enjoy jet skiing, it is really fun. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

      Best regards!

  8. My high school friends and I were here last summer! We just stayed in the island though and did all those waters sports except parasailing! Staring at your photos just reminded me of that teeny weeny discussion as to whether to go for it or not and I am so regretting that decision. It's a beautiful island, no? I'm happy to see you guys had fun! :)

  9. Parasailing, this is something I want to try but I am a bit afraid to do. hahaha One day I'll try this one after getting a lot of courage to do so! :D

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  11. Since your daughter was limited to take part in all of those fun activities, I'm sure next time she'd opt to ask for part two :) Those pictures were looking fantastic, the jet skiing part was my favorite but I have to admit that parasailing seems to be fiercer than the other two! I guess you really had a great time then, I just wish they add other cool activities such as yacht sailing too...

  12. Boracay is really a nice place to visit. They have so many fun activities that let you enjoy your stay.
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  14. We certainly had a blast there, and you're proper, we truely did not need to depart the area (as well as the Philippines in popular). There are nevertheless some of components of Boracay that we did not get a risk to explore. I can see why you like Boracay, we sure do too. The seashores are high-quality, and we took a boat to 1 seaside on a aspect of the island that become stunning however now not touristy... Providers were there promoting quite red coral and mother-of-pearl necklaces and capiz crafts...
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