Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our little bookworm - an 8-year-old and after-bedtime reading by flashlight under the covers

Secret contraband stored under the pillow.   An 8-year-old bookworm with an unquenchable passion for reading and storytelling.  A compact and sturdy source of illumination fit for wilderness survival.  What do these all have in common?    Well, if it's true what they say that "a picture's worth a thousand words",  then let's examine the evidence:

Exhibit A:  Our 8-year-old daughter's secret stash

This collection (not including the American Girl doll and the teddy bear) was recently discovered by my wife under our daughter's pillow.   Take note of the blue object in the middle - an LED flashlight, which our daughter has been using to get in some secret after-lights-out reading time.   Since we of course encourage a love for reading, (even though sometimes too much of any good thing becomes a bit of a problem, we'd already set up a nice fluorescent reading lamp next to her bed. We could therefore monitor the lamp through the crack under her bedroom door to see if she closed her books and went to sleep at the agreed upon time (we usually give her an extra 10 or 15 minutes past her mandated bed time)... or so we thought.   Her top blanket/comforter is unfortunately pretty much opaque to the LED flashlight, so the crack beneath the door is no longer informative to us.  

As her father, I will give our daughter an A+ for ingenuity and passion for reading, but in terms of originality, I think I just might have seen this "Under Cover of the Night" reading trick before -- a chip off the old block!  And those LED bulbs are so much more battery-conserving in comparison to the incandescents we had...



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